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Type’s Surprising Role in Resilience

The connections to resilience and emotional intelligence were immediate and strong. The EQ-i presents itself as an ideal—almost obvious—entry point to understanding, assessing and building resilience. Type, however, and the MBTI assessment are not as clear a set of resilience access tools as the casual Type user might at first think.

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Resilience and EQ

It is hard to overstate the importance of self-esteem to building and exercising resilience.

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Resilience and Happy Endings

Resilient people do or can live happy stories.

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EQ’s Toughest Knot

“What can I do to be stronger, shoulder more burden, and bounce back from the trials that diminish me?”

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Zombies–the New Black

Remember, kill the brain to take out a zombie. But your best approach to building your Resilience is a bit more complicated.

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Surviving the Beat-down

The idea of healing after sickness, regaining your shape after being broken or bent, even finding what has been lost or taken by a demanding world—that is resilience.

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