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Mixing Your EQ Cocktail: Balance, Blends, & Behavioral Change

At OKA, we’ve found that the relationship between elements—and sometimes the tension between them—is a more powerful and helpful approach to growing and refining our Emotional Intelligence.

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Trump, Hope and Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for grace. I hope we will protest respectfully, and celebrate with sensitivity. Our system needs all of our voices, AND it needs each one of us to listen—to truly try and understand each other’s fears, hopes and motives.

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New Year’s Resolution: Flex Your EQ

Self-Regard—Acknowledge that by engaging any of these actions you’ve achieved something pretty cool.

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The Road Out of Ferguson

The road out of Ferguson is paved with EQ.

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Resilience and EQ

It is hard to overstate the importance of self-esteem to building and exercising resilience.

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EQ’s Toughest Knot

“What can I do to be stronger, shoulder more burden, and bounce back from the trials that diminish me?”

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