Surviving the Beat-down

OKA Resilience Series–#1

Aging Boomers with fewer options for retirement, a crush of Millennials with limited entry points to an increasingly constricted workforce, ever greater demands for productivity, stagnant wages, economic insecurity, globalization-driven competition, intransigent government, rage-infused gun violence, global warming and climate volatility, terrorism, wars that grind on with little vision of victory, and the Yankees trail both the Blue Jays and Orioles in the American League East. Clearly the world is in trouble.

This sense that our problems are intensifying and relentlessly piling on has brought the concept of resilience into vogue. In the last year, I’ve read and seen multiple references to not only resilience, but resilience in a VUCA world. VUCA is an acronym that has its roots in 1990s US military culture. Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity—these are the forces that define our VUCA world. These are the components of a complexifying world that seem to be beating so many of us down.

Resilience is a fascinating concept—not endurance, but resilience, which literally means a return to form. The idea of healing after sickness, regaining your shape after being broken or bent, even finding what has been lost or taken by the VUCA world—that is resilience.

The following video—a favorite of mine, speaks to the topic so well.

Resilience Video

OKA, since its founding by Otto Kroeger in 1977, has been about increasing self-awareness toward better self-management—enhancing personal tools, giving people more behavioral choices, and empowering them to build and nurture a better connection with the world around them. From the beginning, OKA has been about building resilience. Every tool, psychological model and team process we use supports it.

In 2014, OKA is launching a number of new resilience initiatives—client-site trainings, keynote presentations, webinars—we are getting our unique approach to this topic into the world on a number of platforms. This is the first blog entry of what will be a series that supports this important topic and some interesting ways you can approach it.

Stay plugged in to OKA, and let us help you survive the beat-down and find your form again.

Spring Back

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