Re-wiring Your Brain

So much of our work at OKA is working with adults toward better self-management through greater self-awareness. The work–whether rooted in Type (MBTI), Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i) or some other model/tool–almost always aims at growth and change, but while insights come quickly, changed behavior is more rare and certainly slow to manifest. This is because re-wiring your brain to a new idea and actually changing behavior– while possible–is very difficult, and even unlikely.

Rewiring Your Brain

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This terrific video illustrates adult neuro-plasticity and the challenges of teaching us old dogs a new trick. It is fascinating stuff.





OKA has long been both an advocate and a practitioner of the focused action plan that leads to repetitive engagement–to muscle memory of the new behavior. This video is vivid and sobering (and also fun) proof that A) change and growth are possible, and B) change and growth are very difficult and not often achieved.

Keep trying to ride your bicycle in new ways and re-wiring your brain!

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