Lincoln – The Independent Thinker

(EQ-i elements on display: Independence and Assertiveness)
The EQ-i model of emotional intelligence contains two elements rooted in the expression of our thoughts, needs and feelings—Independence and Assertiveness. Independence relates to the ability or tendency to be autonomous in our thinking and feeling—to go it alone when necessary. Assertiveness is the ability or tendency to put your ideas, thoughts and feelings out into the world—even when so doing will invite some heat or push-back.
Lincoln exercises and exhibits his Independence and Assertiveness, gently and sometimes even subtly throughout the movie, but never so compellingly as he does in his intellectual defense to his cabinet for both the Emancipation Proclamation and the push for the 13th Amendment, the latter of which does not have popular appeal with his colleagues. In the following scene, Lincoln is concluding a defense of the Emancipation Proclamation and pivoting to his argument for the constitutional abolition of slavery. Listen and watch for his Independence and Assertiveness.

Click here to watch: Independence-Assertiveness


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