360 Feedback: A Powerful Tool You May Want to Avoid

360 degree feedback is a process by which someone gets personal or performance feedback from numerous anonymous sources (boss, direct reports, peers, maybe even clients, family and friends) that can be compared to a self-assessment. How much different (or how similar) are the views others have of you than the image you hold of yourself? How differently are you perceived from your boss to your direct reports and/or from your colleagues to your family and friends? These insights—rich and powerful—are the gold that 360s offer. It is surprising, therefore, to many of my clients when I suggest that they NOT use a 360.

In the following video, I explain.

If you are in an organization or team that is open to devoting the proper time and attention both to fully understanding the 360 as well as working to follow it up behaviorally with coaching, training and/or some other behavioral development effort, OKA is eager to support your efforts. Click the image below to request more information about OKA’s 360 feedback, coaching and/or consulting approaches.

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