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11 Otto Lessons: An Otto Kroeger Remembrance

Otto left this life two years ago, but his influence in my life is still constant and potent. I decided to write down the five most important lesson Otto taught me. Here are the 11 gems all competing for a spot in my top five.

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People Want Their Leaders Certain

Smart leaders may be OK with ambiguity and not knowing, but people who want to lead need to how to project confidence and clarity.

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A Great J Defends Ps

As an active Type trainer in a very Judger-centric work world, I’m always trying to explain, defend and even legitimize Perceiving as a preference.

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Her – A Uniquely INFJ Love Story

Right off the bat, we are confronted with a rich and powerful INFJ tension—the beauty, vibrancy and verbal richness of the inner world compared with the often crowded and sensually overwhelming pull and demands of the outer world.

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Relinquishment, Diminishment and Otto’s Big Mouth—an Otto Kroeger Remembrance

Otto was larger-than-life. He drew attention and affection wherever he went, and his voice, humor and knowledge filled every room he entered.

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Don’t Judge Too Quickly

While making decisions too often or too quickly is certainly a behavioral liability and a developmental challenge, I was recently reminded by these ads how funny it can be.

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