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Hillary Clinton: the stranger we’ve known for 25 years

I’ve not heard anyone assert that Hillary Clinton lacks intelligence or a strong work ethic, but lots of people still claim to not know her—or more pointedly, to not like her. She seems to be a stranger—a stranger we have known for 25 years.

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Knowing Your MBTI Type Might Not Matter

Anyone can use Type deeply, powerfully and fully without believing that Type is hard-wired or unchanging.

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Her – A Uniquely INFJ Love Story

Right off the bat, we are confronted with a rich and powerful INFJ tension—the beauty, vibrancy and verbal richness of the inner world compared with the often crowded and sensually overwhelming pull and demands of the outer world.

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From One Introvert to Another

You and I might both be “OK” being who we are, but that does not mean—it cannot mean—that every choice we make is a good one.

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