Paths Through Conflict

Of all the skills and behaviors essential for effective performance, the one that scares the most people into inaction and disengagement is conflict. To increase the ability for and the likelihood that our clients will take on this critical topic, OKA has developed a number of different approaches to conflict. We have put together the following videos to help you tie each of three popular and powerful models to the topic of conflict–Type, Emotional Intelligence and Thomas & Kilmann. We hope you find the data useful. This first short video sets up the series.

OKA was founded on and made its initial reputation on its expertise with Type and the Myers-Briggs, which makes a great conflict tool.

Emotional Intelligence also gives a number of useful access points to effective conflict work.

One of the original approaches to conflict, remains one of the best—Thomas and Kilmann.

Interested in more information about applying these tools with your team or in your work?

Our related Certification and Train the Trainer workshops are shared below:

Click here to learn about advanced MBTI applications.

Click here to learn about Pearman (PPI) certification.

Click here to learn about EQ-i certification.

We also work with teams and leaders.  OKA’s Managing Conflict Workshop often uses the Thomas and Kilmann approach, but we also hold workshops using Type and Emotional Intelligence as well.

Contact Aaron Sanders at asanders@oka-online.com or 703-591-6284 to discuss conflict in general and the approach that would best work for your organization or toolkit.

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