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What Type is Santa Claus?

  A Typewatching Caution: All guesses of someone else’s Type preferences are projections that say more about the guesser than they do the subject being considered. If pop culture, political figures and other such real time folks who are in the news everyday are the recipients of our projection–getting spun positively for the things we […]

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Coaching Santa – An EQ Challenge

Coach’s Log – December, 2017 I met with an interesting client today. He runs a non-profit operation with a global reach. He brings toys, cheer and hope to people—especially children—all over the world. While active all year, he is apparently fiendishly busy in the fourth quarter of the year. He was interested in Emotional Intelligence, […]

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Santa’s Archetypes

Santa’s professional and logistical challenges are immense–and never-ending. No sooner does one Christmas season end then the next one demands attention. What makes someone want to step into this grinding role?

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Top 10 Ways to Use a Type Table

Chief among the reasons that the MBTI is both so popular and so useful is the fact that a group’s Type data can be captured, studied and communicated through a Type Table. OKA has long put a lot of time and attention in both using and teaching others how to use these amazing training aids.

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Narrative Intelligence Workbook – A Practical Guide to Using Archetypes

Narrative Intelligence refers to our awareness of the “story” we are living.

For leaders, teams and organizations, Narrative Intelligence also helps us shape and clarify our journey, our message, our brand. Through Narrative Intelligence, good leaders “lead with a story” for maximum impact.

Through an understanding of key Archetypes (the major characters in our story) and a personalized action plan, the Narrative Intelligence Workbook shows you how to build awareness and how to understand and shape your own story.

Hile Rutledge and Cindy Atlee are leading consultants and trainers in the Narrative Intelligence field and in the use of the PMAI (Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator) assessment instrument. Now they bring this expertise to you in their Narrative Intelligence Workbook.

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Pop Your Bubble and Save the World

The degree to which we are each digging in, disconnecting and doubling down has put our culture on paths that are pulling us apart. Success would find more of us moving toward each other.

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Mixing Your EQ Cocktail: Balance, Blends, & Behavioral Change

At OKA, we’ve found that the relationship between elements—and sometimes the tension between them—is a more powerful and helpful approach to growing and refining our Emotional Intelligence.

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Safe to Speak Cultures and Teams

A common barrier to productivity, collaboration, innovation and team cohesion are groups and meetings within which participants do not feel safe to speak—free to engage, suggest options, express opinions, and be open and fully participative. This might stem from a fear of retribution, marginalization or professional diminishment – or just because a team or leader […]

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Effective Decision Making (with the DSP)

Today’s workplace requires thousands of decisions from leaders. The best leaders flex their decision making style to the situation – considering a variety of decision factors – even if that consideration is made unconsciously. OKA’s Effective Decision Making workshop uses the Decision Style Profile© (DSP) to examine the “art” of effective decision making – providing […]

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