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Using 4 Temperaments offers you key advantages over other tools:

  • The 4 Temperaments streamline much of the complexity of the 16 Types into just 4 Temperaments.
  • The 4 Temperaments focus on behavior patterns:  real, observable, predictable behavior.
  • The 4 Temperaments offer more than theory & insight:  the result is an actionable tool which can be used to develop a clear action plan.


From a behavioral model first presented by David Keirsey, the 4 Temperaments has grown into a tool which combines ease-of-use with rich, dynamic depth.

4 Temperaments can be the right choice for a brief teambuilding workshop or for an in-depth exploration of group dynamics.

In OKA’s 4 Temperament Skillshop, Hile Rutledge brings his customary combination of clarity, insight and practical application to the use of the 4 Temperaments. Come explore this practical behavioral model that dove-tails nicely with type and gives participants an access point to the how to of leadership, communications, teaching, learning and motivation styles.

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2014 Course Dates:

June 19

December 11

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