Effectively Managing Conflict & Having Difficult Conversations

Conflict can be corrosive and destructive—or something that creates energy, clarifies problems, strengthens relationships and motivates individuals and teams to new levels of achievement. Individuals and teams improve when they approach conflict deliberately. Avoiding, compromising, competing—there are a number of different styles, each of which is the perfect tool for a given time, person and place.

This interactive workshop provides individuals and teams with the skills needed to effectively manage and benefit from conflict (available in half or full-day programs).


Participants will:

  • Improve self-awareness and self- management skills with the TKI (Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument) and the Thomas and Kilmann “conflict grid”
  • Learn to recognize conflict styles and their accompanying benefits and drawbacks
  • Engage challenging scenarios to practice conflict management techniques in a safe workshop environment
  • Learn and practice the art of having “Difficult Conversations” using a simple, but powerful 7 step process (full-day option)
  • Benefit from a shared lexicon and framework that promotes team cohesion and improved communication


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