Using Type for Coaching and Development:October 20-21, 2014

Improve performance & achieve results with advanced Type tools

Stop using Type as a label. Start using Type as a tool.

Too often personality Type work begins and ends with 4-letter Type. This may help us understand our preferences – but what about our performance? Now OKA helps you apply the full power and impact of personality Type for practical, useful coaching and development results.

You learn to use the most powerful and exciting Type tools, which are far too often omitted in coaching and leadership development:

Type Balance – the easiest (and often most powerful) Type tool you’ve got.

Type Dynamics – unlock each Type’s approach to conflict, stress, motivation and power. OKA’s unique approach makes this advanced topic simple to understand, to harness, to apply in coaching.

Type Portraits – Create a practical behavioral portrait customized to each client.

Type and Archetypes – explore the links between Type and Jung’s later work on archetypes, the Shadow and Individuation.

In this experiential learning course, each tool is supported using OKA’s trademark practical methods: Activities, Exercises, Reflection, Demonstration, Discussion, Interaction.

Class time: 8:30 am- 5:00 pm daily

Pre-requisite:  Participants must know their preferences and the basics of Type theory.





MBTI Master Practitioner CEUs: 16

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