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OKA Training Center - MBTI Training & EQi Certification Online OKA has been a world leader in Myers-Briggs and Type since 1977. We literally “wrote the book” on Type with the bestsellers Typetalk and Typetalk at Work. We have trained thousands of people to get the most out of the MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) assessment instrument through OKA’s unique focus on self-awareness, insight and highly practical action plans. Workshops, training, publications and media products add to OKA’s reputation as the leaders in Myers-Briggs and Type.

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Advance your Type Training

2017 Course Calendar

Download OKA's 2016 Course Calendar Read More

Pearman Personality Integrator™ Certification

Any trainer, coach, consultant or general Type user interested in doing fun, engaging and/or developmental work with Type has a compelling new tool to consider—the Pearman Personality Integrator. Read More

Using Type for Coaching & Development

Apply the full power and impact of personality Type for practical, useful coaching and development results. Read More

OKA Skillshops

Type Trainer Skillshop

Effective Type training is hard to beat in terms of popularity and long-term impact on its participants. OKA has set the standard for excellence in experiential Type training since 1977 and the OKA Type Trainer Skillshop is our core program for building Type trainer skills. Read More

4 Temperaments Skillshop

OKA’s interactive and fast-paced day includes presentation, interactive exercises, group discussion and applications of the powerful Temperament tool. Read More

Self-Guided Tutorials

Type Trainer Self-Guided Tutorial (online)

For years, OKA has been helping train trainers on the delivery of high-impact, experiential Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) workshops Now we offer this course in a self-directed format, available online using any web browser. Drawing heavily from OKA’s longstanding three-day Type Trainer Skillshop, and built around OKA’s MBTI Workshop Slides, this self-guided presentation is a […] Read More
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  • Intro to Myers-Briggs & Type
  • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®)
  • Type + Leadership
  • Type + Teambuidling
  • Type + Communications



  • OKA Type Workbooks
  • OKA Type Trainer Support Tools
  • Online TypeCoach Verifier


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