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The process that derives Type dynamics—why the hierarchy of the functions is as it is for each type. With these few rules or ideas, you can calculate the order of the functions for each Type on your own.

  •  The Tertiary Function Debate—why did Carl Jung suggest one thing in his model of Psychological Type, but most Type authors and thought-leaders come to oppose him? (click here)
  • 3 Additional Balance Case Studies—meet ENFP Bill, ISTJ Ken and ENTJ Grace, and see how each manifested imbalance (and the price that it cost each of them) and how each worked—through a deliberate application of Type, to regain their balance. (click here)
  • Summary Coaching/Development Guide—this downloadable handout is designed for coaches, teachers and trainers to aid them in zeroing in on issues of Typological balance. (click here)

Also on OKA’s website are OKA Pro Resources  for $68 a year, this paid service provides an ever-changing stream of Type information to feed an interest in Type education and application.

In addition, OKA has a LinkedIn group (Greater Self-Awareness, Better Self-Management) within which OKA shares ideas, answers questions and maintains contact with Type users all over the world. Consider joining this LinkedIn group as a way to further your engagement with Type.

Whether you are interested for yourself or for someone else, let OKA continue to support your interest in Type Development.

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