Location:Class Time:Course Length:
OKA Training Center, Fairfax, VA8:00 am — 5:00 pm EST2 days

Type Trainer Skillshop

Prerequisite: must be Type-aware*            CCEs/CEUs: yes, see below                        Cost:  $975


Effective Type training is hard to beat in terms of popularity and long-term impact on its participants. OKA has set the standard for excellence in experiential Type training since 1977 and the OKA Type Trainer Skillshop is our core program for building Type trainer skills.

This newly designed two-day workshop starts with an experiential Type introduction that the MBTI master trainer deconstructs (along with the participants) as he delivers it, exploring not only Type theory in detail but the reason for each choice beneath the training event, from exercise selection to chart placement and slide usage. Learn to build a great training by taking one apart.

Day 2 of this workshop explores Type table analysis and the tailoring a trainer can and should do to serve the likely needs of each group. Participants explore and expand their collection of stories and examples that make Type discussion come alive as well as experiencing a number of exercises that go beyond a Type introduction to more impactful applications for teams and organizations.

Unique to the OKA Type Trainer Skillshop is an hour of one-on-one coaching with one of OKA’s expert Type trainers. This coaching feature was originally intended to help participants transfer their learning by allowing participants to video record their delivery of a workshop and then receive expert feedback after the workshop. Some participants, however, have requested this coaching time be used to get help in the planning, customizing and set-up of a Type training. The focus of that Type conversation is the client’s decision.

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Review the structure and details of Type theory as well as best practices in its delivery
  • Explore a number of experiential Type exercises and the best ways to set them up and process the data that flow from them
  • Explore ways to customize your training for individuals, teams and organizations—making your approach to Type relevant, practical and actionable
  • Learn how to contract for effective, profitable work
  • Practice OKA’s approach to Type table analysis and how to adapt training designs to specific groups
  • Receive a binder of detailed procedures and training support materials for the set-up, facilitation and debrief of dozens of Type training variations


  • Coaching time can be scheduled in one 60 minute block or two 30 minutes blocks and must be completed/redeemed within 90 days of the attended OKA Type Trainer Skillshop.
  • The OKA Type Trainer Skillshop is limited to 10 participants to ensure personal attention.

*Participants must be Type-aware (know your own preferences and the basics of Type theory). This course does not qualify its participants to purchase/access the MBTI assessment or any Type-based tool).


November 13-14, 2017

June 26-27, 2018



If you are interested in Using Type for Coaching and Development, Type Trainer Skillshop or 4 Temperaments please e-mail Rebecca Ondrey at rondrey@oka-online.com. We expect to offer each course only once in 2018 and are happy to find dates that work best for those interested or add classes as needed. We can also conduct closed session classes for your team or organization.






 14 CEs






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