Location:Class Time:Course Length:
Virtual (live instructor-led) or Traditional Workshop (in-person)8:00 am — 5:00 pm EST1 day

Team Performance Inventory (TPI) Certification

What does your team need to achieve its purpose and to sustain or improve performance? The Team Performance Inventory (TPI) helps you answer these critical questions with actionable insight unique to each team and circumstance. The TPI is rooted in Impact International’s own Team Performance Model (TPM) comprised of six domains—each contributing a vital and inter-dependent component of effective teamwork.

  • Unified Purpose—a shared understanding of why the team exists
  • External Alignment—the context within which the team operates
  • Agreed Approach—the group’s conscious and recognized use of norms and processes
  • Effective Relationships—trust, openness and honesty on the team
  • Quality Conversations—communication and interaction within the group
  • High Performance Mindset—the ongoing process of group learning and development

Unlike most team tools that create a team portrait by pooling individual member personality profiles or behaviors together, the TPI collects and compiles each group member’s opinions of the group as a whole—never focusing on any one member’s style or viewpoint. This unique approach (an Impact International and OKA collaboration) draws on leading team development literature and research, and over 30 years of extensive group development experience around the world.





This one day interactive workshop certifies coaches, consultants, trainers and leaders to use this powerful model and assessment to help teams succeed.

TPI Features:

  • Online administration
  • Optional open response questions provide additional data regarding each element of team performance
  • Aggregate team data revealed in 30+ page report
  • Integrated Action Plan template



Download a Sample TPI Report Here



Overview of the TPI Certification Workshop:

Date: February 7, 2018 (virtual/live instructor led); more dates to come!

Price: $1100

Time: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Place: Virtual Classroom (live instructor led) or Traditional Workshop (please see specific date for location)

Pre-work: None

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Become certified to use the Team Performance Inventory (TPI)
  • Discuss and learn to apply the 6 domains of the Team Performance Model (TPM)
  • Practice using TPI data, training slides, sample reports, training suggestions and other support tools to assist applying the TPI
  • Receive designs and exercises to aid in the experiential presentation of the TPI with groups and teams
  • Explore ways in which the TPI interacts with—and even enhances—other development tools such as the MBTI, EQ-i, DiSC, Strengths Finders and Thomas-Kilmann
  • Receive a credit for a free administration of the TPI to use immediately (on your own team or a client’s) as well as a free coaching session to help with integrating the new data
  • Engage in numerous small group discussions and activities to illustrate the material and its use


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