Location:Class Time:Course Length:
OKA Training Center, Fairfax, VA8:30 am — 5:00 pm EST1 day

4 Temperaments Skillshop

Prerequisite: must be Type-aware*            CCEs/CEUs:  yes, see below                              Cost:  $525

The skilled Type trainer knows that the 4 Temperaments (NF, NT, SJ and SP) add a powerful dimension and a highly practical lens to their skills and service offerings. The 4 Temperaments can be used as a short-cut to the 16 Types, standing alone as a Type-based behavioral approach to self- awareness and self-management.

Workshop Outcomes:

• Learn how Temperament is a great conclusion to an MBTI session, enhancing the impact of Type.

• Learn how Temperament is especially powerful as a tool in leadership, communication, and conflict management.

• Learn how Temperament is extremely useful in examining learning and teaching styles, as well as parenting and family issues.

• OKA’s interactive and fast-paced day includes presentation, interactive exercises, group discussion and applications of the powerful Temperament tool.

*Prerequisite: Participants must be Type-aware (know your own preferences and the basics of Type theory).


If you are interested in Using Type for Coaching and DevelopmentType Trainer Skillshop or 4 Temperaments please e-mail Aaron at asanders@oka-online.com. We expect to offer each course only once in 2017 and are happy to find dates that work best for those interested or add classes as needed. We can also conduct closed session classes for your team or organization.

MBTI Master Practitioner Credits: 8 CEU’s     

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