Team Tools

Leading or participating effectively within groups and teams is a core competency of almost every organization. This fun, hands-on workshop provides opportunities to learn and practice team dynamics and the tools any team member can use to achieve greater team cohesion and effectiveness. This highly engaging, experiential workshop is appropriate for intact teams or individuals wanting to take team insight back their group. This workshop is most effective in a full day format, but a subset of the content can be assembled in fast-paced and effective ½ day program.

team tools


Participants will:

  • Learn the stages of team development, how to identify them and what behavior and leadership are needed in each stage
  • Experience and practice a team learning model that pushes group members to give and receive feedback and collectively discuss their insights, needs and experiences
  • Learn and practice ways to maximize inclusion and increase participation from all team members
  • Discover the needed balance of task and relationship maintenance energy within any working group—and the behaviors that contribute to both of these critical team needs
  • Practice behaviors that boost collaboration and team cohesion
  • Explore trust-building techniques
  • Create an action plan for putting new team tools to work

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