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MBTI Introduction Workbook

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Myers Briggs Type Indicator 

A tool that identifies and explores the 16 different personality Types based  on 4 fundamental preferences:

Extroversion  ---    Introversion

Sensing   ------       iNtiuition

Thinking   -----       Feeling

Judging    -----       Perceiving


Benefits of the MBTI assessment:

  • A framework, vocabulary, and process for growing greater self-awareness and better self-managment
  • A vocabulary that allows people and groups to speak more effectively about needs, expectations, preferences and conflict
  • a statistically validated tool that supports efective communication, leadership, team and relationship development


The Workbook

This workbook is designed to support any Type introduction, with rich content and space for notes for each of the dichotomies. The book offers a detailed procedure for validating Type and a profile of each of the 16 Types. Designed to support both trainers and end-users directly, it includes many applications and activities, and a detailed procedure to analyze Type tables. Also included is a learning worksheet and high-level action plan to summarize training and plot next steps.


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