OKA’s HileCoach: MBTI Workshop Training Slides


Welcome to OKA’s HileCoach©
MBTI Workshop Training Slides

The HileCoach© series has Hile Rutledge “whisper in your ear” as he walks you through each presentation, giving you his own tips and hints for delivering top-quality high-impact presentations.

Your HileCoach© Product includes:

  • A full set of MBTI Introduction Slides to use for your own MBTI training workshops
  • A second set of the slides with a narration of Hile “whispering in your ear” with tips, advice and pointers for delivering a great session

To download MBTI Workshop Training slides, please click link below and save slides to your desktop:

You have unlimited access to this product for 1 full year from the date of purchase.  This access is for your use only.

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