ICF EQ Certification Follow-Up

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EQ Charts that you created during the certification course:

EQ Element Charts
EQ 360 Questions

EQi tools that are useful and practical in your personal and professional development work with Emotional Intelligence:

eq-workbookOKA EQ Workbook OKA’s EQ Workbook is designed to support a thorough and actionable introduction to Emotional Intelligence. Rooted in MHS’ EQ-i2.0® model, this workbook – perfect for one-on-one coaching or group training sessions – explores each of the 16 elements of EQ, including what each looks and sounds like in deficit and in excess, and what actions or developed skills could lead to greater balance and better performance. Designed to support both trainers and end-users directly, it includes over seventy suggested experiments and action steps to support people wanting to move beyond simple EQ insight to more meaningful development. By Hile Rutledge

whisperinearOKA’s HileCoach: EQ-i2.0 Workshop Training Slides Your HileCoach© Product includes: A full set of EQ-i2.0 Workshop Training Slides to use for your own EQ training workshops. A second set of the slides with a narration of Hile “whispering in your ear” with tips, advice and pointers for delivering a great session. Use Hile Rutledge’s coaching advice to prepare and perfect your own workshop delivery by using HileCoach© to prepare your session.

EQ Activity Cards EQ Activity CardsUse this pack of EQ Activity Cards to create dynamic, interactive activities for your own EQ groups. The 4” x 5” cards are laminated and durable, and each one includes a full definition of one of the 15 EQ-i emotional intelligence elements. *BONUS: With your cards you get a link to a full set of OKA tried-and-tested activities to help use the cards creatively in your EQ work!

Pro Resources Small Banner 250x180PRO without learn moreOKA Professional Resources Membership Area
One annual $68 Subscription gives you 1 year unlimited access to the OKA Professional Resources Membership area. This area is updated every three months to ensure you have access to a wide range of OKA video, tutorial, design and exercise materials in OKA expertise areas such as Type, Emotional Intelligence, Temperament and more.


If you have any EQ-i 2.0 content  or certification course related questions, please contact Gina Carter gcarter@oka-online.com. For MHS related questions (Learning Center,  Talent Assessment Portal, using or adding tokens) please contact Adam Zuccato at adam.zuccato@MHS.com

social mediaOKA’s LinkedIn group: Self-Awareness & Self-Management, where EQ is a major discussion topic

OKA’s BLOG with Hile Rutledgeblog

youtueFor a set of Hile Rutledge’s Quick Tips—tips for EQ Certified Practitioners
EQ Quick Tips Videos (see a free sample in OKA’s YouTube Channel)

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