Moving Beyond Type Preference – Effective Decision Making

Many people engage the Myers-Briggs and psychological Type as a simple approaches to personality style, but Type theory is a cognitive model that speaks to how we each tend to gather data and make decisions. Therefore at its essence, Type (and the MBTI) is a decision making tool. This interactive workshop introduces participants to Type’s building blocks—through the Myers-Briggs assessment—and then utilizes these insights and tools to build both awareness and skill at effective problem solving and group decision making. OKA’s widely known experiential introduction to Type and the MBTI is a ½ day workshop; the application to decision making and group problem solving is an additional ½ day.

Participants will:
• Gain improved self-awareness and self-management and the opportunity to validate Type results and select a “best fit” Type
• Experience and practice the application of Type to decision making and group problem solving
• Learn to apply Type within a team environment to maximize team effectiveness
• Benefit from a shared lexicon and framework that promotes team cohesion and improved communication
• Develop an action plan targeting further growth and development

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