Leading Effective Meetings

How productive was your last meeting? Did it follow a “one-size fits all” approach–or no deliberate approach at all? Effective meetings consider team dynamics, the stages of group development and the content that needs to be discussed or transferred. Some team meetings need leaders to control them while others need more gentle facilitation and shared leadership throughout the group.

This interactive workshop introduces these models and skill sets and through interactive exercises, gives participants the opportunity to experience and practice them. This workshop is a ½ day program.









Participants will:

  • Learn the stages of group development and how these influence the kind of meeting that is needed at any given time
  • Learn and practice the principles of effective meeting facilitation—preparation, execution, follow-up and creating a “safe” environment
  • Experience tools that bring focus, closure, structure, flow and team cohesion to a meeting across the directive-collaborative continuum
  • Learn and practice techniques and behaviors to establish and maintain effective and meaningful relationships within a group


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