Leaders & Teams

OKA Training For Leaders & Teams
Organization Development and HR professionals, consultants, trainers and coaches have relied on OKA for over 30 years to get the skills support and expertise they need to develop leaders and teams.
OKA uses industry-leading assessment instruments (MBTI, EQ-i and more) to increase self-awareness and improve the self-management of individuals and teams. The result is precise, personalized development.


Training at OKA

  • EQi-2.0® Certification Training
  • Advance your Type Training
  • Narrative Intelligence



We Come to You

  • EQ for Leaders
  • EQ for Teams
  • Type + Leadership
  • Type + Teambuidling
  • Narrative Intelligence for Leaders



  • EQ Workbook
  • Narrative Intelligence eWorkbook
  • Online TypeCoach Verifier



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