EQ on My iPod–Self-Actualization

What songs boost your Self-Actualization–help you strive, achieve your goals and sharpen your emotional intelligence (EQ)?

In the EQ-i model, Self-Actualization is the ability to set and strive toward meaningful goals. Self-Actualization shows up as ambition, focus, determination and a drive toward self-improvement and achievement.

My Self-Actualization playlist would certainly include these songs. Click the album graphic to hear the song.

emotional intelligence training Lose Yourself, Eminem

While this song was wildly popular and eventually dripped awards—Grammies and even an Oscar, its inspiration is its gritty and desperate delivery. The song is sung by a man against the wall with only one long-shot between him and a life of failure and defeat. Only courage, drive and determination will save the day. This is a great Self-Actualization message.


emotional intelligence training  Hall of Fame, The Script and will.i.am

Adversity and challenge will follow you everywhere, but only those who stick with it and keep driving forward—whether teachers, politicians, astronauts or simply truth seekers—will end up in the Hall of Fame. “Be a champion. Be a champion,” the song chants. This is a wonderful striving song.


emotional intelligence training Defying Gravity, Chris Colfer and Lea Michele

Originally from the Stephen Schwartz’s wonderful play Wicked, my favorite version of this song is from the first season of the TV show Glee. This is a beautiful song about finding your power, moving on and leaving behind beliefs and relationships that no longer benefit you. Don’t let other people bring you down–defy gravity.


emotional intelligence training Gonna Fly Now, Bill Conti

Before the movie Rocky spun out all those sequels, it won the Academy Award for Best Picture of 1976 and gave us a score that is still synonymous with an underdog’s striving, straining and pushing himself to the limit. The main theme, “Gonna Fly Now,” always makes me want to run or try to lift something heavy.


emotional intelligence training One Moment in Time, Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston—at the peak of her vocal prowess—was tapped to sing the anthem for the 1988 Summer Olympics. Seize the day, push yourself, drive through the pain and and win.


What is on your Self-Actualization playlist?


emotional intelligence training
Self-Actualization Playlist



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