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What songs spark your independence?

In the EQ-i model, Independence is the ability to be self-directed emotionally and intellectually. Independence shows up as autonomy and the ability to go it alone when needed.

My Independence playlist includes a number of songs that remind me that self-reliance–and not the opinion of others or personal relationships–is a powerful option not to be discounted or forgotten. Click the album graphic to hear the song.

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My Way, Frank Sinatra

This song is the poster child—the template–for Independence. “What is a man? What has he got–if not himself, then he has not to say the things he truly feels and not the words of one who kneels. The record shows I took the blows and did it my way.” What could express Independence any more than this classic from the Chairman of the Board?

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Written in the Stars, Tinie Tempah & Eric Turner

This is “My Way” for the Hip-Hop generation—a defiant pronouncement that “I will never change. I’m on my way.”



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Authority Song, John Mellencamp

“I fight authority—authority always wins.” I was in high school when this song came out, and I loved the playful defiance behind its “fight THE MAN” message. Even now that I demographically AM the man, I still like its call to Independence.


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If I Had a Boat, Lyle Lovett

A light-hearted glimpse into the brilliance of Lyle Lovett, this song celebrates being free of the binds of relationships, jobs and even time commitments. What could symbolize Independence any more than Tonto telling the Lone Ranger, “Kiss my ass. I bought a boat. I’m going out to sea.”


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If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out, Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam)

Not all Independence is expressed as defiance. This gem from Cat Stevens, now Yusuf Islam, is a gentle reminder that there are many paths before you—all you need to do is find your own. It is a singer/songwriter’s reminder to take the road less traveled.


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It’s My Turn, Diana Ross

At the peak of her popularity, Diana Ross gave us this statement of personal power and autonomy, sung from the perspective of someone emerging from a long-standing and ill-fitting relationship. When I listen to this song, I can hear the Independence unfolding in the singer like a flower getting hit with sunshine. “It’s my turn to see what I can see. I hope you’ll understand this time’s just for me because it’s my turn.”

What’s on your Independence playlist?

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  1. Diana - Lea Baranovich says:

    I like Cat Stevens ” The Wind” – this allows me to know that all answers are messages from the Devine but come from within

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