Developing Type with The Pearman


After over 60 years of Type being introduced through the Myers-Briggs (MBTI), the world now has a new tool—the Pearman Personality Integrator. Unlike any other tool, the Pearman gives its respondents three unique and powerful insights.

  1. A quantified difference between what is most natural (Type) and what is most demonstrated (behavior)
  2. The degree to which each of the 8 mental functions is natural and demonstrated (the first time an instrument has assessed Type on the function level)
  3. The FlexIndex—comprised of five components of agility and resilience

Avoiding the rigidity of most Type approaches, OKA’s approach to Type with the Pearman is an interactive and fresh approach to Type development and both personal and professional growth.

Participants will:

  • Take the Pearman Personality Integrator and get a personalized report
  • Discover and explore the difference in those behaviors that are more natural and those that are more often demonstrated
  • Learn and practice the 8 distinct cognitive functions—the different ways of gathering data and making decisions (full day option)
  • Explore the five components of the FlexIndex to increase agility—proactivity, composure, connectivity, variety seeking, and rejuvenation
  • Create a behavioral portrait of team culture and/or leadership expectations (full day option)
  • Write a detailed and tailored action plan focusing on accessing greater Type development and increased agility

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