Developing Resilience

We are immersed in a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous), and these stressors strain our health, relationships, work effectiveness and overall well-being. Research tells us the core strengths and behaviors of the resilient—the people who endure, bounce back and even transform through life’s disappointments and diminishing events.

This workshop helps participants strengthen resilience by using selected Emotional Intelligence behaviors known to battle stress and boost agility. This experiential, participative workshop is timely and highly practical, and no experience with Emotional Intelligence is necessary (½ day program).

Participants will:

  • Take a resilience self-assessment to indicate their personal agility level
  • Understand resilience as a key component of successful stress management
  • Identify the Emotional Intelligence elements most associated with resilience
  • Engage in self-selected small group work and peer teaching to help share best-practices on resilience
  • Devise a personalized action plan to develop Emotional Intelligence and through it—greater personal resilience


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