Developing Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can contribute more to our success than IQ or subject matter expertise. How is your EQ and that of your team? How do you “show up” when you engage the world around you? EQ includes behaviors such as self-confidence, assertiveness, empathy, and flexibility—all behaviors that can be developed. This interactive program helps individuals leverage the power of emotional intelligence to improve relationships and gain success in their personal and professional lives (available in half or full-day programs).

developing eq



Participants will:

  • Gain improved self-awareness and self- management skills from the EQ-i 0 (Emotional Intelligence assessment)
  • Discover the behavioral elements of the EQ-i model of Emotional Intelligence and how each element can support or impede success
  • Engage OKA’s EQ Atmosphere exercise to identify EQ behaviors most important within a particular culture
  • Develop immediate actions and personal action plans to develop selected EQ elements
  • Identify EQ behaviors most helpful in common work-place scenarios (full-day option)
  • Engage in peer coaching to develop personal development plans (full-day option)
  • Benefit from a shared lexicon and framework that promotes team cohesion and improved communication


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