5. Dysfunction or Type? A series of common misunderstandings

5: Passive-Aggressive or IP?

A passive-aggressive person gives an outward impression of openness and flexibility but holds an inward drive toward a goal or outcome—pushing you toward an intended outcome or position while appearing not to push you at all. Passive-aggressive behavior is often seen as smarmy and dishonest.  In Type, Introverts and Perceivers (IPs) are driven by an inner function of judgment and closure while their public face is one of openness, curiosity and adaptability. This means that IP behavior is often seen—especially by people preferring Extraversion and/or Judging—as passive aggression:  conflict avoidant, yet still trying to bring others—in a more roundabout way—around to their own intended ends.

Passive Aggressive

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    brief and on the point. well done, thank you

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