Build Type trainer and delivery skills with the OKA experts!
Location:Class Time:Course Length:
OKA Training Center, Fairfax, VA8:00 am — 5:00 pm EST3 days

OKA Type Trainer Skillshop

When Myers-Briggs Type training is done well, it has tremendous impact on participants- and also produces great results for the Type training professional.

OKA has set the standard for excellence in Type training since 1977.  The OKA Type Trainer Skillshop is our core program for building Type trainer skills:

  • To ensure you develop and deliver training events which unlock key Type concepts and insights for your clients — confidently, accurately and with the appropriate level of depth and detail.
  • To ensure your training is relevant, practical and actionable for your clients – and providing you with the activities, exercises and tools you need to do so.
  • To customize your training for individuals, teams and organization – and for training events with various group sizes and various durations.

In the OKA Type Trainer Skillshop, we sharpen your knowledge of Type and improve your power and impact when introducing Type and the Myers-Briggs assessment.

Workshop (3 days):

OKA’s Type Trainer’s Skillshop Training workshop includes:

  • Model and deconstruct an interactive introduction workshop
  • Show and review OKA’s classic  Type design, the Basic 3
  • Explore commonly asked/difficult type questions (and their answers)
  • Experience and review different type exercises (how to set them up and when to use which ones)
  • How to contract for effective, profitable work
  • Building your professional Type practice (internally or externally or independently)
  • Type Table analysis (OKA’s new refined process) and adapting training designs for specific groups

Follow-on Individual Coaching:

Participants each receive an hour of individual coaching* as follow up to the OKA Type Trainer Skillshop, to ensure that you transfer your learning and development back to your own client work.

*2 x 30 min phone coaching sessions to be completed within 90 days of the Skillshop, tailored to your needs.   Suggested coaching topics:  help in setting up/prepping for an Introduction to Type workshop and/or review of a video from your training session with professional feedback and recommendations.

PLEASE NOTE:  The OKA Type Trainer Skillshop is limited to 10 participants to ensure personal attention.

Participants must be Type-aware (know your own preferences and the basics of Type theory). This course does not qualify its participants to purchase/access the MBTI assessment).

Earn 22 CEUs towards MBTI Master Practitioner




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