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OKA Training Center, Fairfax, VA8:00 am — 5:00 pm EST1 day

Generation Translation

Prerequisites:  none                  CCEs/CCUs:  none                      Cost:  $525

Every generation forms a collective group that shares the same cultural touchstones, a similar societal history, the same technology, and often similar attitudes about the generation that came before it. These generational connections are fascinatingregister below and powerful handles for us to have on ourselves and each other. We now have four, and soon to be five, generations communicating, living and working with each other—Traditionalist, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials—and coming soon to a workplace near you, the Cloud Generation.

Designed to welcome and support trainers, coaches and those simply interested in gaining greater access to the different generations, this workshop is rooted in OKA’s new book, Generation Translation: Tools for Bridging the Gap, by Rita M. Murray and Hile Rutledge. This workshop explores not just the profiles of the generations but the reasons why this powerful frame works as it does. Experiential exercises and interactive group discussions keep the pace swift as participants are moved toward an action plan that puts to work all covered material.


Workshop Outcomes

  • Through experiential exercises, group discussion and trainer presentation, learn what defines each of the five generations
  • Explore the unique perspectives each generation brings to the topics of technology, authority, communication etiquette, work ethics and professional development
  • Discover ways to stretch into another generation’s communication perspective and practices—broadening your generational toolkit
  • Generate and apply an extensive list of generational  “Do’s and Don’ts” to increase your ability to move smoothly between the generations
  • Discuss ways in which generational awareness (and the policies and practices that institutionalize this sensitivity) help to impact operational effectiveness and the bottom line
  • Receive and learn to use OKA’s Generation Translation: Tools for Bridging the Gap by Rita M. Murray and Hile Rutledge


Read more about Generation Translation: Tools for Bridging the Gap and the Generation to Generation Interaction Guide here.


June 5, 2018


If you are interested in the Generation Translation course please e-mail Rebecca Ondrey at rondrey@oka-online.com. We expect to offer this course only once in 2018 and are happy to find a date that works best for those interested or add classes as needed. We can also conduct closed session classes for your team or organization.



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