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ONLINE WEBINAR1:00pm - 5:00pm EST4 hours

EQ for Teams & Organizations (Online)

The leader in EQ-i Certification training, OKA now offers EQ for Teams and Organizations, one of two advanced workshops for EQ practitioners and trainers. This highly interactive and actionable online workshop is a half-day class that builds on OKA’s EQ-i certification with exercises and applications to apply the richness of Emotional Intelligence to teams and organizations. In the workshop, you will:

  • Review the EQ elements, and learn a new exercise that can be used to review or teach each EQ behavior
  • Discuss what low, middle and high engagement with each EQ element looks like within a system or culture
  • Explore the power of context, the organizational, cultural and personal circumstances within which a team or organization is using the EQ-i
  • Learn advanced skills for applying the EQ-i Group Report in group and teamwork
  • Receive and review a number of group training designs that answer common organization pain points and put EQ to work
  • Engage a process to map the EQ-i elements to different organizational competency models to empower the EQ-i to assist in the development of any number of organizational goals
  • Explore, discuss and experience a number of organizational applications of the EQ model, including teams, conflict, resilience and relationship-building as well as others. Review and receive a group training design to address one of these common development needs.

OKA’s Insight to Action: Sharpening EQ Interpretation Skills online workshop is an excellent complement to this course – offering EQ practitioners, coaches and trainers advanced skills and practice in using the EQ-i2.0 for individual coaching and development.


This course will dive deeply into powerful applications using the EQ-i.

 EQ-i certification is  a course requirement as the course design assumes participants have familiarity around the tool.

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February 6, 2018

April 10, 2018

June 26, 2018


Don’t see a date that will work with your schedule?  Contact Rebecca Ondrey to discuss alternative dates/customized sessions.

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