The EQi Lessons I’ve Learned


See a sample EQi 2.o result page here

Early on, I found myself eager to go directly to the EQi Results page with clients – and of course the client was equally eager to head right to the scores.
I soon realized this was an inefficient – but more importantly, ineffective approach.


Ive learned in my years as an EQi Consultant that relying solely on the Results page to develop an action is plan is too prescriptive.  Instead, I now work with the client to identify which EQ elements are most important to that specific client’s success- and which elements may be holding them back.


The most interesting and important outcome: sometimes EQ scores are aligned with EQ priorities – and sometimes they are not.  I’ve learned to use them carefully, as a starting point.  Scores help me develop the questions- but they are never the answer.


What have you learned about using “scored” assessments (such as the EQi) with clients?


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