Tagged: “Narrative Intelligence”

Pop Your Bubble and Save the World

The degree to which we are each digging in, disconnecting and doubling down has put our culture on paths that are pulling us apart. Success would find more of us moving toward each other.

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The Jester and the Sage: An Otto Kroeger Remembrance

Jesters are not supposed to be taken seriously, but Sages are broken when they are not.

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American Sniper—An Archetypal Battlefield

The extreme reactions some people are having to the movie are projections of their own frustration or viewpoints. American Sniper has become an archetypal battlefield.

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Resilience and Happy Endings

Resilient people do or can live happy stories.

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Zombies–the New Black

Remember, kill the brain to take out a zombie. But your best approach to building your Resilience is a bit more complicated.

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Putin, the Mumps and Not Changing Your Mind

One story is about an aggressive Autocrat on the world stage and the other is about getting our kids vaccinated for mumps, but the underpinning theme is that both include narratives (archetypes) that refuse or filter out new data that would, if inhaled, change the narrative.

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