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Type Talk at Work

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Myers Briggs Type Indicator 

A tool that identifies and explores the 16 different personality types based  on 4 fundamental preferences.

Extroversion     Introversion

Sensing            iNtiuition

Thinking           Feeling

Judging            Perceiving


Benefits of the MBTI assessment

  • A framework and a process yeilding greater self-awareness and leading to better self-managment
  • A vocabulary that allows people and groups to speak more effectively about needs, expectations, preferences and conflict
  • a statistically validated tool that supports efective communication, leadership, team and relationship development


This Book

Through this book, you will see how different personalities can accomplish everday tasks in very different ways. This book is divided into three main sections:

1.  Introduces the basics of Typewatching and can help you determine your personality preferences and explain how this self-awareness can help you in every aspect of your work.

2. Show you how to apply that knowledge and insight in the ten most significants parts of any business.

3. Offer in-depth profiles of the sixteen personality types, revealing their strengths and weakness on the job.


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