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Type Development Workbook

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How does each Type achieve balance? How can you get better at Sensing? How can you sharpen your decision making skills—as a Thinker or Feeler? The most recent in OKA’s product line to make Type more accessible and useful, this workbook is designed to support a person or group’s desire not only to understand the Type Dynamics (dominant, auxiliary, tertiary and inferior functions) of each Type, but to develop access and skill with all the functions of Type—even those not preferred. Using Type well means moving beyond awareness of the label to a deliberate use of its various parts. Hile Rutledge’s Type Development Workbook is written to help you do just this. This 70-page, spiral-bound workbook includes:

·         3-page descriptions of each Type’s dynamics and developmental challenges

·         Introduction to typological balance

·         A guide to developing each function (Sensing, iNtution, Thinking and Feeling) on the personal and group levels

·         A summary decision-making guide that helps ensure all functions—even those not preferred—are being activated

·         A personalized action plan to summarize learnings and exercise both Type development and balance

·         A link to further readings, case studies and applications developed specifically for readers of this Workbook

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