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Pearman Personality Integrator™ Certification

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Any trainer, coach, consultant or general Type user interested in doing fun, engaging and/or developmental work with Type has a compelling new tool to consider—the Pearman Personality Integrator.

In a seven-year collaboration, long-time Type author and thought leader Dr. Roger Pearman and MHS (the publisher of the EQ-i) have created a rich and powerful new way to assess, understand and apply Carl Jung’s Type model. The Pearman Personality Integrator—Type’s newest (and sharpest) assessment tool.

Since the introduction of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator in the mid 1970s, Type tools have all focused on identifying an unchanging four-letter Type (ISTJ, ENFP and the like), but the thrust of Type theory has always been the development of Type—to be able not just to know and manage our preferences but to stretch beyond them to engage the behaviors we most need at any given time. Type theory has always coaxed people toward these kinds of insights and developmental actions, but the MBTI and all the other Type assessments did not directly drive this work. The Pearman Personality Integrator tackles development head-on and offers many additional benefits:

  1. Where other Type tools concentrate on the sort, and therefore the resulting static label (ESTJ or INFP et cetera), the Pearman allows respondents to indicate the relative degree of a preference. With an innovative sliding bar mechanism within the assessment, taking the Pearman is itself a unique (and to many, a refreshing) experience.
  2. The Pearman makes the vital distinction between what is more natural (Type) and what is more demonstrated (behavior), allowing us to measure and address the differences and tensions that exist when what we DO is not what we prefer.
  3. The Pearman is a validated and normed assessment that measures your engagement with each of the 8 essential cognitive functions of Jung’s revolutionary Type model (S, N, T and F, each with an extraverted and introverted expression).
  4. The Pearman FlexIndex—independent of Type--is a measure of flexibility, agility and resilience. The qualities that compose the FlexIndex—Proactivity, Composure, Connectivity, Variety Seeking and Rejuvenation--can be directly exercised and increased, thus aiding the ability to move between functions and stretch your Type development.
  5. Each Pearman assessment comes with a detailed coach’s report, supporting the trainer/coach in drawing accurate conclusions and offering personalized feedback and compelling action steps.   

Whether you are a long-standing Type user or new to the field, the Pearman is a tool you will want in your toolkit. And in the hands and voice of OKA—Type’s longest standing and most engaging trainers/presenters, the Pearman experience is both fun, fresh and insightful.


Pearman Personality Integrator brochure.  

See sample reports below:

Pearman Workplace Sample Report (Client Report)

Pearman Workplace Sample Report (Coach's Report)

Pearman Workplace with EQ-i 2.0 Sample Report (Coach's Report)

Pearman Leadership Sample Report (Client Report)

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Become certified to use the Pearman Personality Integrator in your own practice or organization to help develop individuals and teams.
  • Engage each of the 8 functions of psychological Type—through experiential exercises designed to activate each of Type’s cognitive functions.
  • Explore ways (as a trainer or a coach) to exercise or practice each function—to deepen and further Type development (your own or a client’s).
  • Learn the five components of the FlexIndex (Proactivity, Composure, Variety Seeking, Connectivity and Rejuvenation)—your engagement with each and how to increase or activate each one.
  • Experience applications of the Pearman on the team and large-group levels.
  • Explore the reliability and validity of the Pearman assessment, including its detailed coach’s report.
  • Practice interpreting and giving feedback on a Pearman report.


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Course is 8:00am - 5:00pm each day

December 14-15, 2017

April 11-12, 2018 (ONLINE)

September 24-25, 2018




Don't see a date that will work with your schedule?

Contact Rebecca Ondrey to discuss alternative dates/customized sessions.


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