Otto’s Hamburger Example: An Otto Kroeger Remembrance

Otto Kroeger’s unique talent was breathing life into the presentation of Psychological Type–making the complicated understandable and actionable and above all, making it entertaining. One of Otto’s classic approaches to Type came to be known as “The Hamburger Bit.”

In this—the last video recording Otto ever made—Otto presents his famous Type summary at the request of his conference crowd, and someone had the foresight to get it on video.

Otto closeup

Click image to see Otto’s Hamburger Bit







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  1. Karen Finn says:

    Thank you Hile for all of these posts, especially the Hamburger video. I was unaware of Otto’s passing until today when I was looking for a good way to illustrate the various preferences’ approaches to conflict. I took the two-day, step 2 workshop with Otto in the last decade sometime and was profoundly influenced by him. Even as an extrovert, I was thoroughly amazed that Otto presented all day and then invited us all to his house for a party that night! Learning and teaching MBTI has had a profound influence on my personal life and work. I will always be thankful for the work that Otto, you and all the other MBTI experts are doing in the world.

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