OKA OPen Houses

Please join us to explore the powerful ways in which teams and leaders can use the tools below.

New for 2017, OKA will be offering an opportunity for leaders within the community to learn more about OKA’s offerings during our 1/2 day Open Houses.  Join us for one–or all!  Register HERE!

Pearman assessment visual 3 Whether you are a long-standing Type user or new to the field, the Pearman is a tool you will want in your toolkit. And in the hands and voice of OKA—Type’s longest standing and most engaging trainers/presenters, the Pearman experience is both fun, fresh and insightful.
Generation Translation cover This workshop explores not just the profiles of the generations but the reasons why this powerful frame works as it does. Experiential exercises and interactive group discussions keep the pace swift as participants are moved toward an action plan that puts to work all covered material.
ei_small.7b8f5b9a53 Today, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is recognized as essential to successful leadership, team, and individual performance.  In fact, we now know that EQ is a better predictor of workplace success than IQ!







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