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Feedback--The Powerful Gift You May Not Have Asked For

Feedback is likely the most essential interpersonal and team skill that far too few people use. Often misunderstood as a advanced skill or team activity, it should be viewed as a basic, must-have practice.

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6-Pack of Safety

OKA has worked for years to boost collaboration within teams—teaching leaders and colleagues to co- create and nurture environments that are safe to speak. Being willing to speak up, share ideas, offer suggestions, risk being wrong—these behaviors require collaboration and an atmosphere within which people feel safe and supported.

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360 Tips and Tools

While complicated and time-consumptive, 360s offer powerful insights and perspectives that can be essential to professional growth and leadership development. I want to share two tips and two tools that will help you with your use of 360s.

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360 Feedback: A Powerful Tool You May Want to Avoid

How differently are you perceived from your boss to your direct reports and/or from your colleagues to your family and friends? These insights—rich and powerful—are the gold that 360s offer. It is surprising, therefore, to many of my clients when I suggest that they NOT use a 360.

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Making Better Decisions

More inclusion--more people and more data--leads to richer, better informed decisions and more likely buy-in on the tail-end. However, more inclusion also demands more time and will invite more conflict and a more complex team or group process.

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Emotional Intelligence & the Senior Executive Service

Emotional Intelligence is a great cornerstone in almost any SES development program. There are several Emotional Intelligence frameworks or models that can work, but we prefer the EQ-i 2.0 model because of its underpinning science and direct access to a set of 15 distinct behaviors well aligned with the SES ECQs. Learn more about an EQ approach for developing SESers

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EQ Interpretation--Best Practices

Considering context when interpreting EQ-i results aids in more effectively understanding your client's narrative.

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OKA's 4 Temperaments Video

The behavioral model of Temperament is one of the leading tools for making type accessible and streamlining its complexity. This video series, unlike any other available, drills deeply into each of the four Temperaments in ways that are insightful, useful and funny. Designed to train and entertain, these videos employ four distinct voices—and four different types—to help viewers see and then use the behavioral differences that exist between people in teams, leadership, work, parenting and personal relationships.

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