Leveraging the Power of Personality Type (MBTI):

Do you generally prefer to focus on the details or the big picture, and do you prefer to make objective decisions using logic or values-based decisions emphasizing harmony? We are all “hard-wired” for certain ways of taking in data and making decisions, and these predispositions—the Types—impact the way we live, love and work and engage people and the world around us. Understanding Type, your individual preferences and the accompanying benefits and potential pitfalls is important to self-awareness and effective self-management. It also provides a powerful lens and framework for understanding and appreciating differences, managing conflict and building effective teams.

This interactive program helps individuals and teams leverage the power of personality Type to improve individual and team development. OKA has been the world’s leader in experiential Type training since 1977. This workshop is available in ½ or full-day programs.

mbti course


Participants will:

  • Self-assess and validate own Type preferences
  • Understand the importance of Type preferences and how they impact individual and team communication, leadership, collaboration, problem solving, conflict and learning styles
  • Experience the impact of different Types on individual and group problem‐solving (full-day option)
  • Explore how each Type preference both helps and hinders a chosen team focus—like conflict, communication or leadership (full-day option)
  • Construct the group’s Type Table and derive insights and next steps for the group’s development (full-day option)
  • Benefit from a shared lexicon and framework that promotes self-awareness, team cohesion and improved communication


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