Leading and Managing Change (with the CSI)


Change is a constant force in our professional and personal lives. The differentiating factor is how well we lead and manage this change. OKA’s Leading and Managing Change workshop uses the Change Style Indicator© (CSI) to help participants learn more about their change style and how to best use each style in a particular situation or context.

Since the early 1990s, the Change Style Indicator—or CSI—has been the leading voice in change and change styles in the field of training/development. The CSI is a personal style assessment widely used to support leadership and team development. The CSI measures an individual’s preferred style in approaching and addressing change. The CSI places each participant on a continuum line stretching from Conserver on one end to Originator on the other—three primary styles with a number of more detailed distinctions emerge.


Training with the CSI helps leaders and teams consider all perspectives when resolving issues to increase collaboration; it enables a group’s creativity and innovation, and it improves teamwork through the increased understanding of both the advantages and strengths that each style brings to an organization.

Participants will:
• Take and get feedback on the Change Style Indicator (CSI)
• Learn a simple and easy to apply change model and a vocabulary to support rich conversations about change and its impact
• Discover the preferred approach to change taken by yourself and your colleagues
• Experience how your change style is both a benefit and an irritation to those around you
• Explore and practice ways to approach and communicate with different change styles
• Learn to use the CSI through a highly interactive, experiential workshop
• Develop a personal action plan to apply workshop insights

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