Increasing Your Influence (with the ISI)

Today’s workplace requires effective leaders to work with people and groups with varied cultures, genders, ages, geographies and hierarchies. It’s tough—and doing well requires you to adapt your influence style to your shifting target audiences to make sure your message is being received by others as you intend. OKA’s Increasing Your Influence workshop uses the Influence Style Indicator® (ISI) to help participants understand how they tend to rise to the complex challenge of influencing others.

The ISI calls for self-ratings on 40 items to establish raw scores on five influence styles–Rationalizing, Asserting, Negotiating, Inspiring and Bridging. The resulting report, nicely validated and easy to interpret, presents dominant, preferred, secondary and underutilized styles. OKA’s interactive workshop designs gives participants insight into not only spotting and understanding the different influencing styles, but practicing those that prove themselves more challenging.

Participants will:
• Take and get interactive feedback on the Influence Style Indicator (ISI)
• Learn about five unique influencing styles and how to spot them
• Examine what each style looks and sounds like to the others
• Explore the benefits and pitfalls of each style—when to use each, and when to put it away
• Learn how to connect with others using a variety of influencing styles
• Investigate the link between effective influencing and discretion, timing and decision making
• Develop a personal action plan to apply workshop insights

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