Team Development Workshops

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For Leaders, Teams, & Organizations. 

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Developing Emotional Intelligence

EQ is more important than IQ.  Participants will learn the EQ-i Model of Emotional Intelligence and explore which EQ-i qualities are necessary for personal and professional success.  Learn More.

Leveraging the Power of Personality Type (MBTI)

Improved self-awareness will result in better self-management and measurable performance improvement.  Participants will learn how understanding Type can contribute to more personal and professional effectiveness.  Learn More.

Working Effectively Across Generations

Participants will be introduced and explore the differences in the Generations, as well as model a behavioral approach that participants can apply to individuals and groups with immediate benefits.  Learn More.

Team Tools

Leading or participating effectively within groups and teams is a core competency of almost every organization. This fun, hands-on workshop provides opportunities to learn and practice team dynamics and the tools any team member can use to achieve greater team cohesion and effectiveness.  Learn More.

Developing Type with The Pearman

After over 60 years of Type being introduced through the Myers-Briggs (MBTI), the world now has a new tool—the Pearman Personality Integrator.  Learn More.

Leading Effective Meetings

How productive was your last meeting? Did it follow a “one-size fits all” approach–or no deliberate approach at all?Learn More.

Developing Resilience

This course explores living in a VUCA (Volatility  Uncertainty  Complexity  Ambiguity) World and focuses on several elements of Emotional Intelligence to build resiliency.  Learn More.

Effectively Managing Conflict & Having Difficult Conversations

Participants  will understand their own conflict style as well as tools for better acknowledging, appreciating and productively engaging with the conflict styles of others. Learn More.

Moving Beyond Type Preference – Effective Decision Making

This interactive workshop introduces participants to Type’s building blocks—through the Myers-Briggs assessment—and then utilizes these insights and tools to build both awareness and skill at effective problem solving and group decision making.  Learn More.

Giving & Receiving Feedback

Vital to both the long-term success of any personal or professional relationship and a bedrock of effective teams is feedback.  Learn how to effectively give and receive feedback with this engaging program.  Learn More.