Effective Decision Making (with the DSP)

Today’s workplace requires thousands of decisions from leaders. The best leaders flex their decision making style to the situation – considering a variety of decision factors – even if that consideration is made unconsciously. OKA’s Effective Decision Making workshop uses the Decision Style Profile© (DSP) to examine the “art” of effective decision making – providing leaders with a powerful mental model for more effective and consistent decision making.

The DSP uses a series of written scenarios to help respondents identify the decision styles they would use in different circumstances. The styles differ from one another in the degree of inclusion each requires and allows—Directing on one end includes no one but the single decision maker and Teaming on the other end puts the decision in the hands of the collective group or team.


This workshop also drills into the five factors of a decision—Clarity, Information, Alignment, Commitment, and Time, each factor suggesting a different decision point along the inclusion continuum. Knowing how to consider and weigh these five factors helps leaders determine which style is most appropriate.


Participants will:

  • Take and get interactive feedback on the Decision Style Profile (DSP)
  • Learn about five unique decision making styles and how to use them
  • Learn about five decision factors and how they can be used to select the best decision making style for each unique situation
  • Explore the benefits and pitfalls of each style—and when to use each
  • Develop a personal action plan to apply workshop insights

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