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Creating Your Future, Not Finding One

. . .take the best job you can find and commit yourself to learning how to do it well, solve the group’s problems and make their goals your own.

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Great EQ Article in Harvard Business Review

The main reason for this blind spot is wishful thinking or overconfidence: it is a well-documented (but rarely discussed) fact that, in any domain of competence, most people think they are better than they actually are. Thus any intervention focused on increasing EQ must begin by helping people understand what their real strengths and weaknesses are. . .

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Myers-Briggs: Over Assessment Danger?

In terms of taking assessments too often, there is no harm in it, but the frequency of taking any given assessment draws the validity…

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Exploring Type Dichotomies

What are some good “question areas” to use when exploring each of the 4 Type dichotomies?

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How do you coax Extraversion from an Introvert?

This is a frequent question from our OKA clients, and it’s actually easier to solve than you might expect…

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The Destroyer Gets a Bum Rap

In my work with Narrative Intelligence, whenever I work with the Archetypes from the PMAI (Pearson Marr Archetype Indicator) , one archetype consistently gets the lowest score…

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